Loops and Lyrics Crafts Handmade Metal Jewelry in a Casual Rustic Style
     I am not a professional by any means.  I am just a mother of 2 that loves to make jewelry.  I started selling my jewelry at craft shows in the area and after many inquires decided to open an online store.  All of my jewelry is handmade.  I purchase spools of wire to create my earrings and ear wires.  My copper bracelets are hand cut using a jewelers saw from sheets of pure copper.  I use only a solution of natural ingredients to create the patina on my copper bracelets.  No chemical are ever used in this process!  The cords used in my jewelry are either 100% leather or satin.  I strive to make every piece perfect, but as we all know handmade is never 100% perfect and to me that is what make each piece unique.   As my mother once told me, "If it's perfect it is not handmade."   I also only make one of each item.  Items may be similar in style or shape but that is where any similarity ends.  This is what make each piece special.  Special requests for 2 or more of an item will be honored whenever possible.  Please keep in mind that special orders will take a few days to complete and may not be possible if supplies are no longer available. 
     Thank you for visiting Loops and Lyrics Crafts.  I welcome hearing your thoughts on my jewelry and my store.