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  • Double Band Argentium Sterling Silver Free Form Loop and Swirl Ring

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    A length of solid Argentium Silver was wrapped around twice to create the double band.  One end was curled to create a center loop while the other end was made into a side hook going through the loop.  The center design was then fused together.  It is a size 9.

    Argentium silver 935 is a modern sterling silver alloy, containing 93.5% silver, in which the traditional alloy (92.5% silver + 7.5% copper) is modified by removing some of the copper and adding the metalloid germanium.

     ** It has more shine, brilliance, and does not tarnish as quickly as Sterling Silver  **

    Because of it's lower copper content Argentium Silver does not need to be soldered in order to make a solid connection.  Instead the ends will fuse/melt into each other.