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  • Double Band Argentium Sterling Silver Ring with Center Tilted Heart Design

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    Ring was created using 1 piece of solid Argentium Sterling Silver wire.  It was wrapped around 2 times and the ends twisted together to make the center of the heart.  The ends were then fused together to create the bottom of the heart which is tilted.  It is a size 10 1/2.

    Argentium silver 935 is a modern sterling silver alloy, containing 93.5% silver, in which the traditional alloy (92.5% silver + 7.5% copper) is modified by removing some of the copper and adding the metalloid germanium.

     ** It has more shine, brilliance, and does not tarnish as quickly as Sterling Silver  **

    Because of it's lower copper content Argentium Silver does not need to be soldered in order to make a solid connection.  Instead the ends will fuse/melt into each other.